Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

The Tsarist Administration in Bessarabia: the Preferential Administrative Regime to Rule over the Transdanubian Settlers (1818-1828)

Sergiu Cornea


The policy of the tsarist authorities in Bessarabia in the first years of occupation was
dictated by the need to strengthen the military successes of the Russian Empire. The Russian
authorities, having aimed to establish leadership in the Balkans, wanted to attract the sympathy of the
neighboring peoples to their side by demonstrating the benefits of Russian governance in Bessarabia.
The principle of applying double standards in one and the same territory stood on the basis of the
administrative policy of Russian authorities in the region. The Russian authorities established the
preferred administration regime for the trans-Danubian settlers who had the role to support the
Russian absolutism in Bessarabia. Particularities of administrative organization of the trans-Danubian
settlers, in south Bessarabia, established by Russian authorities in the period 1812-1828 have been


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