Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 3, No 2 (2013)

Analysis of the Opportunity to Include Intelligence Officers in the Category of Special Criminal Investigation Bodies

Bogdan Bîrzu


Situations referred to in art. 3 of Law no. 51/1991 on Romania's national security (national security threats) and Law No. 78 of 8 May 2000 on preventing, discovering and sanctioning of corruption, law no. 39/21.01.2000 on preventing and combating organized crime, published in the Official No. 50/29.01.2003 and Law no. 143/26.07.2000 on combating illicit drug trafficking and consumption, represent the legal basis for requesting the Prosecutor, in justified cases, to compliance with the Code of Criminal Procedure, the authorization to perform certain acts in order to gather information, consisting of interception of communications, search for information, documents or acts for which to be obtain is required the access in a place, an object or opening an object, lifting and replacing the place of an object or document, examine it, extracting the information they contain , as well as recording, copying, or getting extracted by any means, installation of objects, maintaining and taking them from places where they were submitted. In order to elucidate the relationship established between the work of intelligence officers and prosecutors will submit to examination following essential aspects: information, information activities, investigative activities, prosecution prior acts (legal nature, duration, jurisdiction, content, prosecutor supervising the preliminary acts).


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