Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 6, No 2 (2016)

ITI - Financing Instrument of Inter-sectoral Integrated Management Strategies. Case Study the ITI Danube Delta

Manuela Panaitescu, Mariana Trandafir


The main objectives of this paper are to reveal some aspects regarding the ITI mechanism(Integrated Territorial Investment), which makes it possible the funding from several priority axes ofone or more operational programs, in order to ensure the implementation of an inter-sectoral strategyintegrated for a specific designated territory. This paper continues the research related to structuralfunds and investments from the European Union in 2014-2020. The results of this document showsthe potential benefits of ITI, study case: ITI Danube Delta. The main conclusion of this work isrelated to the challenge posed to Romania, the financial allocation worth about 1.11 billion. €provided in 2014-2020 to the ITI instrument. The implications of the documents could be useful toresearchers, academics and also for managers working in the studied area.


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