Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 7, No 2 (2017)

The State of Landscape and Ecology of Ukrainian Southern Steppe Zone and the Ways of Farmland Improvement

Stanislav Goloborodko


The article presents the results of the research on changes in average temperature and relative humidity in the subzone of Southern Steppe of Ukraine, as well as the potential evaporation (volatility) and deficit of water providing. It is shown that global and regional climate changes, which are observed in recent years in all areas of the Southern region, negatively affect on the agro-bioclimatic potential of existing agricultural landscapes. The maximal|Max| receipt  of products|production| of high quality, at the minimum|underload|  charges of resources on unit of mine-out products|production| in the modern terms of menage it is possible to attain only on the irrigated lands|ground-to-air|, that will allow|settles|  to create  rational system of menage, which|what| will be sent|ducted| to the increase|rise| of firmness|resistibility| to the unfavorable|adverse| anthropogenic situations and other natural and climatic factors, existing in the agro-ecologic| systems of area|zn| of South Steppe. Author proposes the ways of farmland improvement in the Ukrainian Southern Steppe Zone.


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