Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 7, No 2 (2017)

Sadoveanu’s Prose in European Context

Elena Golovanova


 Mihail Sadoveanu, the greatest Romanian prose writer of all times, consecrated his work to a single hero: the Romanian people evoked at various times, From the beginnings of the nation to the present day.

        Mihail Sadoveanu writes in the era of the great realist novel and the modern novel. He is the creator of the Romanian historical novel, who sees history as a huge scene in which great voivodes move in an epic, legendary and mythical space. The originality of his work lies in the ability to merge with the evoked world, so that a single narrator, the author himself, tells the life of the past and today.

          Sadoveanu's heroes are exponents of some categories, types or archetypes, exemplary for humanity through their deeds. Sadoveanu follows the social and historical condition of the individual, describing the present realities and those belonging to history or a past that the documents cannot attest.

          What gives charm to the story of Mihail Sadovenu is the mystery that requires to be revealed and that can be reached by discovering his music, the state of balance and the significance of Sadoveanu's silence.

           Literary critics have appreciated that the originality of Sadoveanu’s writing lays precisely in its lyricism in the realistic evocation of a living world. Sadoveanu's writings produce that state of steady happiness from enjoying the beauty of nature.


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