Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 14, No 1 (2020)

Playwriting: an analysis of the Morphological Characteristics of Whatsapp and Facebook Messages

Eziwho Emenike, Azunwo-Emenike Precious Uchechi


The concept of writing in all its ramifications has remained pivotally significant in the process of documentations, from the antediluvian to the contemporary times. This is asserted on power, prowess and flexibility of the playwright in carefully adapting his environment and mirroring it satisfactorily. This paper examines the art of playwriting as a medium of adaptation of the society holistically and narrowing it to the influence of the social media (Facebook and whatsapp) on English language in making modern plays. In the process of interacting with people from different educational and societal backgrounds, social media platforms have influenced their use of English language and as such, the playwright captures them. This paper through the content and data analysis examines the influence of Facebook and WhatsApp on English language in playwriting processes in particular and the society at large. This paper hinges on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s “Use Theory” and Aristotle’s mimetic wisdom theory as its theoretical fibre. This study through three Facebook groups and three Whatsapp groups provides understanding of budding playwrights’ experiences of using Facebook and WhatsApp and their view on how it affects their writing of plays in flexible English language. The paper recommends that budding and experienced playwrights should flexibly adapt the nuances of social media to stay germane, focus and creative in the contemporary theatre industry and advance the craft of playwriting in mirroring the society.


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