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Danubius University Press

As soon as Romania joined the European Union, “Danubius” University of Galati considered necessary that, for being in full accord with the European standards of the Romanian education, it should found a university publishing-house with editors, translators, proofreaders to provide high quality publications that can any time be exhibited at national and international book fairs.
Founded on the 31st of May 2000, at first being known as “Danubius” Academic Foundation Publishing-House, then in 2008 as “Danubius” University Publishing House, it is at present accredited and recognized by CNCSIS.
The main objectives are ensuring quality of publishing, printing and distribution of scientific, didactic or cultural publications and periodicals belonging to the teaching staff, as well as to the members of the academic community of Galati and not only.
The papers are grouped in three distinctive sections:
1. university books (with ISBN)
2. courses and didactic materials for graduate and postgraduate studies
3. periodicals – annals, reviews etc. (with ISSN)
Being in a continuous evolution, the Publishing-house had an editorial production of more than 200 titles in 2008.
“Danubius” University Publishing-house owns an office with permanent employees, most of them belonging to the academic staff, modern equipment, being part of a series of editorial production composed of:
- preprinting
- book publishing
- bookshop
- printing-house
- distribution system
Books are published in collections according to their specific, each publication being acknowledged by scientific reviewers and passing through a highly rigorous editorial process. Covers are personalized, their graphics making all the difference and the technical conditions are unanimously appreciated both in the academic environment in Romania and abroad.
Specialized reviews are published in widely used foreign languages (English and French), the translation being made by specialists in the field of techniques and in the art of translation. Moreover, the publishing-house has a specialist in rewriting.

Danubius University of Galati, Romania