Styles of Communication, Vol 5, No 1 (2013)

Polish Felieton and English Column in the Light of the Existing Research

Joanna Hardukiewicz


Felieton and column are very difficult to characterize, inasmuch as one of their most prominent feature is the lack of consistency in form and structure. However, among the abundance of features, certain similarities may be found. This paper presents a juxtaposition of various scientific opinions about Polish felieton and English column and briefly describes their history. The goal of the paper is to highlight the similarities between felieton and column discovered on the basis of the existing sources in order to support the thesis about the family resemblance of the two phenomena. By making references to findings of other scholars, the paper points at the necessity of conducting further research concentrated on generic features of felieton and column supplemented by the pragmatic-functional aspect. As for its composition, the article consists of two main parts. The first part presents the existing state of research devoted to the two types of texts including their history, dictionary entries and other scientific sources. The second part presents a brief description highlighting the similarities between felieton and column


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