Vol 5, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


The Buryats in China (Shenehen Buryats): the Role of School Education System in the Preservation of Identity PDF
Irina Boldonova, Darima Boronoeva

The Relationship between Compulsive Behaviour and Internet Addiction PDF
Maria Rosita Cecilia, Monica Mazza, Silvia Cenciarelli, Marta Grassi, Vincenza Cofini

The Shifting Border of Food Perceptions and Cultural Identity in Maghrebi Muslim Migrants. History and the Contemporary Experience of Cultural Mediators in Northern Italy PDF
Roberta Giovine

Polish Felieton and English Column in the Light of the Existing Research PDF
Joanna Hardukiewicz

Education and Social Borders within Urban Outskirts PDF
Luminita Iosif

The Memory of a Generation and the Ethnic Identity Revitalization PDF
Mirela Lazar, Viorica Paus

Neo-Nazis Sympathizers on the Forums of the Romanian Online Publications PDF
Elena-Irina Macovei

Cultural Integration through Foreign Languages Study (18th - 20th Centuries) PDF
Viorica Paus, Mirela Lazar

A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Selected Ethnic and Racial Terminology Present in Assorted Public English Corpora PDF
Natalia Pietraszewska

Beyond the Nation-State: An Insight into the European Construction (from 1945 up to Present Days) PDF
Julien Rajaoson

New Perspectives on the Evolution of Publics: Digital Stakeholders PDF
Adela Rogojinaru

On LinguisticAspects of the Self from the Perspective of Selected Scientific Hypotheses – A Contribution to the Proposal of How to Explain the Emergence of Human Language PDF
Elżbieta Magdalena Wąsik

Review Descriptive Translation Studies – and Beyond (Revised Edition) by Gideon Toury (author) PDF
Enkelena Shockett (Qafleshi)