Styles of Communication, Vol 5, No 1 (2013)

The Memory of a Generation and the Ethnic Identity Revitalization

Mirela Lazar, Viorica Paus


This paper addresses the question of mnemonic traces in connection with the identity dynamics of an ethnic group from a highly multicultural area in the ​​South-Eastern part of Romania: the Lipovans, Russian Old Believers, from the village of Jurilovca. From a constructivist perspective, we argue that the digital content provided by the village digital library and by the ‘blog’ (the dynamic website) of the community allows, over the experiences of participation and sharing (through each comment, information and video being posted or through their simple reading which may trigger forms of remembering) to build a virtual community around a focus, a person, an event able to reactivate the social and ethnic memory, thereby contributing to reinvent and revitalize the individual and collective ethnic identity of a generation.


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