Styles of Communication, Vol 5, No 1 (2013)

Education and Social Borders within Urban Outskirts

Luminita Iosif


Society is not a unitary and homogeneous space, but it is delimited and divided either by a street or by a traffic sign, the latter leading to the projection of some trajectories. Thus, these lines, more or less visible, more or less straightforward, represent what the literature label as ‘social border’. Borders, for example, under the form of some natural elements (mountains or rivers) divide the territories of social groups, shaping a difference between ‘us’ from here and ‘’them’ from there. This study will focus on two outskirts. The aim of the article is to highlight the way in which the educational process is carried out in these urban areas and the way in which the other inhabitants perceive these districts often considered as ‘disadvantaged’. The interview is the research method that will be used for this study and it allowed us to provide a comprehensive image of the school from these urban outskirts and of the process through which it turned into a segregated school. 


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