EuroEconomica, Vol 31, No 2 (2012)

Comparative analysis, the base of some viable solutions in entrepreneurship

Negoescu Gheorghe


According to an expert on issues of entrepreneurship, John Lary, decent living is defined as: "I feel rich when you can do whatever I want in life, can travel where I want, buy whatever I want and I can live anywhere in the house that I drive the cars they want, without having ever so, ever, to check my bank account. This means that always had enough money to cover expenses that keep my lifestyle. This is my definition for the term rich”. I consider the entrepreneurship one of the best economic solutions for development and achieving a decent standard of living. In this paper I propose to develop a comparative study on occupancy of 10 spaces located in the port of Galati, the study aiming at the selection of the three areas and fields with the greatest chance for opening a business implementation.


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