EuroEconomica, Vol 37, No 1 (2018)

Role of multinational companies in the process of privatization of companies in Serbia

Silvana Miodrag Ilić, Dragan Bogojević, Boban Branković


So far in the privatization of our business entities participated in many well-known multinational companies. They have invested significant resources in their economic training. Today, this successful affiliates and holders of our economic development - NIS, Fiat Automobiles Serbia, Tigar, Phillip Morris, Air Serbia, Telenor, Hemofarm and so on. Precisely, the privatization of the company was the main motive for multinational companies in our country. With the arrival of multinational companies significantly change the basic performance of the Serbian economy. Investment, introduced modern techniques and technologies in manufacturing, increased technical equipment of labor, expands the range and improves product quality, enhances the knowledge and skills of the work, introducing new models and methods of work and business.


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