EuroEconomica, Vol 37, No 1 (2018)

A Survey on Poverty in Albania: Comparison between Rural and Urban

Edona Laçaj, Eglantina Hysa


The aim of this study is evaluation and measurement of poverty in Albania by comparing poverty of urban and rural regions. In the poverty complex area this study is focused more on comparison of how different individuals concept poverty, and on evaluation of different factors mainly affecting poverty.   

To achieve the main goals of this study and to perform the necessary estimation is used a survey based on deep literature review. Questioners are used to collect the needed data and information to attain the result and perform the analyses of poverty in rural and urban regions of Albania. There are interviewed 1000 individuals from four different regions of Albania determinate according to the allocation method of INSTAT and distribution of questioners is based on the percentage of each region population in order to avoid any possible bias. All analyzes performed for rural and urban region data’s are done separately to compare the level of poverty of the two regions and factors that impact on it.

Based on the result it is observed that the level of poverty which is represented by total income has different values in urban and rural areas.


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