EuroEconomica, Vol 38, No 1 (2019)

The Business Process Needs for Excellent OLAP and Data Mining Tools in Kosovo Companies

Emin Qerim Neziraj, Aferdita Berisha Shaqiri


Background: This paper has to deal with topics relevant to the problem of understanding how OLAP tools and DM applications integrate and how some information support systems can impact to advance business process at companies in Kosovo.  Regarding the last sentence, it is clear that the theoretical background includes topics such are the role and impact of excellent OLAP tools and DM applications into information system with objective to increase the performance and business process.



Aim: The aim of this study is to point out needs of Kosovo companies for excellent OLAP tools and DM applications as well as information supporting system, which include mentioned tools and applications during the business process on way to increase business performance.


Method: In this study used quantitative methods with a deductive approach. It means the testing exits theory of OLAP and DM tools, ISS and business processes by using quantitative and executive data with the adequate econometric model.


Results: The results show that in Kosovo there is a low level of using adequate OLAP and DM tools and applications during the business process with p = 0.52 It means the coefficient P based at the results present accuracy of conclusion that Kosovo businesses in their information system not using adequate tools.



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