EuroEconomica, Vol 37, No 1 (2018)

Impact of Online Reviews in Online Booking – Case Study Capital City of Kosovo

Visar Rrustemi, Fitore Jashari


The Internet and digital communication technology usage is changing consumer behavior, leading to more informed and wiser consumers around the world. It is affecting the way consumers search for new alternatives, and evaluate them before deciding to buy something in particular. This seems to be true for both developed and developing countries, like Kosovo is. This paper aims to shed light in the subject if consumers of capital city of Kosovo, Prishitna use online reviews as digital information searching sources, and if this usage impacts their online booking habit. The research data are collected from a survey of 150 consumers selected through a stratified sample, consisting of two groups of respondents, divided based on whether they read or not online reviews before booking online. The survey was conducted, to find out if there is any relation between reading online reviews and consumers’ practice of booking online for hotels, restaurants and traveling services. A significant relation was found between the practice of reading online reviews and the times (amount) of booking online. Also, a significant relation was found between the age of consumers and their practice of booking online. The implication of these findings suggests for businesses in capital city of Kosovo to focus on allowing online reviews on their websites and social media accounts, as they result to be a great tool on driving their businesses’ growth, and managing better their consumers’ feedback.


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