EuroEconomica, Vol 25, No 2 (2010)

Interference demographic factors and the companies with the trade economic crisis

Constanța ENEA, Constantin ENEA, Georgiana Lavinia TĂNĂSOIU


Trade companies are interested in several demographic aspects: the number of population in the interest area (because people form markets), population dynamics, the structure of population according to
sex and age, density, mobility of the population, life hope, family structure (most of vehicles in Romania are meant for families and not for one person only), population territorial distribution and on environments (rural and urban), the rhythm of population growth in different towns, regions and states, its distribution according to religion, education, ethnical categories, age groups, training levels and regional evolutions.
Demographic status has multiple effects upon the company's activity both on short term and on long term, which supposes a continuous study of demographic forecasts. These attributes have to be used by trade companies in establishing the sizes of the potential market, in
elaborating estimations regarding the evolution of products and services demands, in establishing the most adequate mixture for the respective market. Demographic attributes can provide clear indications upon the
structure of the products range, upon the prices that clients are willing to pay for these products, upon their distribution ways and their best advertising actions.


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