EuroEconomica, Vol 25, No 2 (2010)

The development of Albanian insurance market

Eglantina ZYKA, Areti STRINGA


Risk is inseparable from life and nobody is exempt of risk. Because of the pervasiveness of the risk and its significant adverse economic effects, man is constantly searching for ways in which he can manage risk to his
advantage. Insurance is one of the most important methods of risk transfer. The subject of this article is the development of the insurance market in Albania. Insurance in Albania, although they started very late
compared with other developed countries, they have their own characteristics and history. The Abanian market of insurance is a diversified market, different companies of non-life and life sector, with domestic and foreign capital, which operate in Albania and outside of the country. This insurance market remains not very developed, 10 euros /capita, compared with developed countries (600 $/capita), is dominated by compulsory insurance, strong competation, etc. Despite the problems that have this new market, opportunities exist for growth, development and perfection of himself as a market with its features.


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