EuroEconomica, Vol 25, No 2 (2010)

EER - Mechanism for Promoting the Small and Medium Enterprises



In this paper we aim at presenting a new initiative of the Region's Committee, consultative organ of the European Union that comprises European regional and local authorities with the purpose of offering an impulse in the economic growth and employment at a regional level. Within the 7th edition of the manifestation "OPEN DAYS- European week of regions and cities" in Brussels, October 5-8 2009, the Region's Committee, in partnership with the European Commission, launched the pilot-project EER (Entrepreneur European Region). Its purpose aims at identifying and rewarding the regions of the EU that have an exceptional entrepreneurial view, irrespective of their size, prosperity or competence, as well as encouraging the local and regional authorities in a more sustained promotion of small and medium enterprises in Europe, that represent a source of economic growth, employment and innovation.


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