EuroEconomica, Vol 25, No 2 (2010)

The EU integration of Albania and the improvement of Social Cohesion in the country as a result of the process

Matilda VELIU, Albert QARRI


The European Union, still remain one of the most crucial objectives into the agenda of Western Balkan countries, especially Albania ,due to the benefits that offers the membership . The evolution of the economic and politic events and situations occurs in those countries, makes the acceleration of acceptance more safely or not. The specification of the factors that haves an huge importance on the problem, must be  crucial for the politic-makers, in order to reduced the negative effects on the development of their countries, discussing in this manner for the effective strategies. Membership, first of all is considered like an opportunity for the  socio-economic development , reducing the unemployment and giving the citizens an better standard of living. But , this process, like all the other process, have in self many costs, whether social notwithstanding economic costs. This is true, not only for the countries of Western Balkans , but also for the countries of European Union. How many opportunity is given to Albania for integration and also why, it's a dual problem that has take many years. Something is sure, the integration has a good impact to the social cohesion in the country  but the reasons and the consequences of the process, still remain the keys "to open" the doors of the European Union.


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