Acta Universitatis Danubius. Relationes Internationales, Vol 4, No 1 (2011)

The dawn of gender justice against discrimination -a legal paradigm

Sindhu Vijaya Kumar


The Socio-economic rights are a vital aspect of human rights agenda for women. The slow study process and radical change in recognizing the rights of women to a greater extend has helped to build her own identity and withstand her rights against all discrimination. The feminist movement questioned several discriminatory practices against women. However there was a need for revolution to debar the discriminatory practice of status on the ground of gender.  And revolution was created by feminist movement. These Movements largely contributed by feminist writing recognized the need to subdue the discriminatory practice of status. Feminist theory emerged from these feminist movements includes general theories and theories about the origins of inequality, economic injustice and in some cases, about the social construction of sex and gender, in a variety of disciplines. Feminist activists have campaigned for women's rights as such, in contract, property, and voting, while also promoting women's rights from human right perspective. They have opposed domestic violence sexual harassment and sexual assault, in economics they have advocated for workplace rights, including equal pay and opportunities for careers and to start businesses. Interventions of national and international legal instrument have added grace and recognized women’s right. All this resulted in increase participation of women both in formal and informal job sector. However the journey to heed her right did not end here; it was the beginning, the beginning to fight for her survival.


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