Acta Universitatis Danubius. Relationes Internationales, Vol 10, No 1 (2017)

The impact of Vocational Schools on the Regional Development. Akören Ali Rıza Ercan Vocational School Example

Refika Atalay, Selami Kariman


The regional development difference which has globally become a major problem even for developing countries is one of important problems of Turkey's economy. The regional dualism in the country's economy brings with many economic and social problems such as the immigration, the income inequality, the unplanned urbanization etc. The vocational schools established generally in localities less than ten thousand people contribute to remove the development difference of these localities by providing social and economic benefits as well as  by training skilled staff to the locality where they are located.

In this study we investigated the impact  of vocational schools in the removal of the regional development difference and we made use of primary and secondary sources. Firstly, we scanned the literatures concerning this study, then we made survey with the students which study in  Akören Ali Riza Ercan Vocational School. By taking the 5% significance level and the 5% margin of error into consideration in this study we used the SPSS for Windows statistics program in the evaluation of data taken as 317 students sample among the main body of 1,240 students. We tried to present solution proposals by studying the expectations and problems of the students as well as the contribution of the Akören Ali Riza Ercan Vocational School to the development of Akören district.


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