Acta Universitatis Danubius. Relationes Internationales, Vol 10, No 2 (2017)

A Research on Reading Habits of Selçuk University Students

Orhan Ahmet Şener


In Turkey where young and dynamic population is increasing every year, reading habits which are in line with education level have become necessary in terms of the individual and societal point of view. Particularly, it is necessary for the university students, who are an important mass, to read enough, constantly and regularly to understand what they read, interpret and analyze and to give direction to the thoughts. In this regard, the purpose of the research is to determine the level of reading of the students studying at Selçuk University. In this context, a questionnaire consisting of total 25 questions prepared by the researcher was used with 500 students from various faculties of the university. And the results of the conducted application were analyzed in the SPSS15.0 program.


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