Acta Universitatis Danubius. Relationes Internationales, Vol 11, No 1 (2018)

Kosovo National Security - Challenges and Risks

Orhan Maxhun Ceku, Sheqir Kutllovci, Arian Kadriu, Petrit Nimani


Kosovo is the youngest country in Europe and continues to have problems in consolidating its state sovereignty. Moving from a serious process of gaining citizenship and consolidating democratic institutions, Kosovo remains in the agendas of the great powers as an unfinished matter. Serbia's territorial claims, unlikely membership in the UN, lack of recognition by the EU's five states, is a stagnation in political, economic and social developments in general. In the state building process is national security and consolidation of security institutions. Its national security remains challenged by Serbian parallel structures assisted by Belgrade officials. The purpose of the article is to present the premise, key components, challenges and risks of Kosovo's National Security. The analysis will include strategic documents created by Kosovo institutions, which set out the national security objectives of the country and the means to achieve them. The work will also analyze the institutional structure of national security in the Republic of Kosovo.


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