The Journal of Accounting and Management, Vol 7, No 2 (2017)

Corporate Health and Safety Disclosure and Sales Revenue Growth

Collins C Ngwakwe


This paper examined a possible relationship between health and safety disclosure and sales revenue growth in Woolworths Holdings Limited South Africa. The paper became apposite to add a nuance to bourgeoning extant literature on environmental responsibility and firm performance from a health and safety perspective. This is with a view to accentuating the importance of health and safety element of corporate responsibility. In addition to a brief review of literature, the analysis approach was quantitative. Using the SPSS software, a Pearson correlation analysis between health and safety disclosure and revenue growth was conducted. At 5% significance level, a two tailed test showed that P<0.03, this indicates a significant correlation at r = 0.821 and P = 0.03. Similarly a simple regression analysis was conducted and findings show a significant relationship at β = 0.835, F(1, 5) = 0.0235, P<0.03 (R2 = 0.67). Findings therefore indicate that, whilst holding other factors constant, health and safety disclosure correlates with growth in sales revenue in Woolworths Holdings Limited. The practical business implication thus is that given the emerging growth in customers’ product health and safety awareness, the corporate may increase sales revenue by disclosing health and safety information on the face of sustainability reports. The paper suggested an agenda for further research on health and safety disclosure to include multiple companies in South Africa.



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