Acta Universitatis Danubius. Juridica, Vol 10, No 1 (2014)

Arguments for Sustaining the Need to Modify the Legal Status Regarding the Mutual Consent Settlement of Individual Labour Conflicts

Lavinia Onica Chipea


The paper aims to identify and itemize the concrete way of intervention regarding the settlement of individual labor conflicts, in the Romanian legal system, through alternative way. In full agreement with the previous Romanian legislation and with the examples provided by compared legislation, we consider necessary to establish a canciliation commission for each employer, whose main role will be trying to solve the dispute between the parties in a prior stage before notifying the competent court. It also emphasizes the appopriate legislative intervention in order to rethink the concepts of regulation contained in article 38 of the Labour Code and to increase the possibility of widespread use of mediation in individual labour disputes. The study also highlights the need to correct the legislative gap created by repealing Art. 76 of Law no. 168/1999 on the settlement of labor disputes, which was actualy the only norm of labor law which expressly and directly referred to the amicable settlement procedure of individual labor conflicts. The formulated proposals may provide the legislator support in the course of perfecting, at the level of regulation, the process of specialization of labor jurisdiction in the Romanian legal system.


Full Text: 91-102



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