Acta Universitatis Danubius. Juridica, Vol 14, No 3 (2018)

Execution of sentence with an order for community service work against adult persons in region of Mitrovica in dhe period 2012-2016

Valon Xhemajl Brahimi


 The sentence an order for community  service work is one of the alternative punishments that is foreseen in the criminal law of the Republic of Kosovo. As such, this kind of alternative sentence by Kosovo courts in the Mitrovica region in recent years has been largely applied, mainly to persons who have committed minor offenses. This kind of alternative punishment manifests many positive sides and is considered highly progressive punishment variants. Through this punishment the responsibility of the convicted person is increased to a higher degree, his active participation in the execution of this punishment is ensured, and the compensation of the damage and the victim is largely ensured. In this paper I have endeavored to provide valuable data regarding the execution of order for community service work in the region of Mitrovica.

        Within this paper, besides the volume, dynamics of the order for community service work, we have also touched some personal characteristics of persons to whom this measure was applied. This research has been conducted in the  region of Mitrovica  (in the territory of the Basic Court of Mitrovica) and includes the period from 2012-2016. For the purpose of providing a more accurate results about this issue, the data of the Basic Court in Mitrovica and the data of the Probation Service of Kosovo - the regional unit in Mitrovica have been analyzed


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