Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 10, No 2 (2014)

Evaluation and Effectiveness of Training Systems in Indian Industry [A Research Study in Greater Pune]

Raju Ganesh Sunder, Dr Sorab Sadri, Dr Sorab Sadri


Training and Development as an HRD intervention plays an important role in the success of the organization. The purpose of Training and development is to increase the skills of the employees; therefore it is increasingly believed that the training expenditures are not the costs but an investment

Attracting and retaining talent becomes difficult task for the organization. It is also true that successful outcomes are possible only with the quality of the training provided to the employees. It is equally important to assess the need of the training, the nature of the training provided, the methods and the selection of the training programs and ultimately evaluation of the training programs are important for the sound health of the organization.

A study was carried out in the City of Greater Pune with the industries in different sectors excluding Information Technology and Chemical Industry.


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