Vol 7, No 5 (2011)

Supplemented Issue

Table of Contents

Business Administration and Business Economics

Competition on the Global Shipbuilding Market under the Global Crisis Impact PDF
Romeo Victor Ionescu

Employability Skills in Chennai Retail Market, India PDF
Rajkumar Paulrajan

Cost-Based Decision in Public Sector PDF
Carmen Cretu, Victoria Gheonea, Carmen Sirbu

Tax Efficiency vs. Tax Equity – Points of View regarding Tax Optimum PDF
Stela Aurelia Toader, Mihai Aristotel Ungureanu, Iuliana Predescu, Antoniu Predescu

Virtual infrastructure approach for SADU implementation PDF
Florin Postolache

The Real Economy after Episodes of Financial Crises in Central and Eastern Europe PDF
Marius Constantin Apostoaie, Dan Chirlesan

Current Market Trends Maritime Transport Services PDF
Florin Dan Puscaciu, Rosemarie Puscaciu

Times of Crisis – From a Comparative Perspective PDF
Gabriela Marchis

Financial Institutions and Services

Central Banking: Between Monetary Policy and Global Crisis PDF
Mariana Trandafir, Georgeta Dragomir, Luminita Maria Craciun

Evolution of taxation in Romania between 2001 – 2010 PDF
Rodica Pripoaie, Silviu Pripoaie

Active Ageing: An Analysis PDF
Alina-Cristina Nuta

Spatial Distributions of Regional Economic Activity

The Equilibrium Analysis of a Closed Economy Model with Government and Money Market Sector PDF
Gina Ioan, Catalin Angelo Ioan

On the nature of level hypersurfaces in the economic theory PDF
Alin Cristian Ioan, Catalin Angelo Ioan

Tourism and Sustainable Development

Ecological Price Setting PDF
Pauna Dan, Pauna Tanta

The Effect of Board Size and Board Composition on Firms Corporate Environmental Disclosure: A Study of Selected Firms in Nigeria PDF
Uwalomwa Nil Uwuigbe, Ben-Caleb Egbide, Akanbi Moses Ayokunle

Economic History

Romania’s Foreign Trade. The Role of Braila City in its Progress PDF
Gheorghe Chiru

Economic Crisis at the Confluence of the SOMES Rivers PDF
Radu Pavel Gavrila, Ligia Danila