Vol 9, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents

Business Administration and Business Economics

The Activity Analysis of Companies within Certain Economic Sectors Based on Risk Indicators PDF
Iustin Dalea

Information and Communication Technology: A Comparison of Pakistan and Sri-Lanka PDF
Javed Iqbal

Impact of Liquidity on Islamic Banks' Profitability: Evidence from Bangladesh PDF
Limon Moinur Rasul

How Do Ownership Features Affect Corporate Governance Disclosure ? – The Case Of Banking System PDF
Cristina Stefanescu

Harmonization and Convergence – Coordinates of Accounting Globalization PDF
Mihaela-Cristina Onica

The non-financial reporting: goal and perspective in the Romanian society of the third millennium PDF
Ionel Jianu, Iulia Jianu, Ionela Gusatu

Structural Analysis of Human Resources within a Company PDF
Cornelia Tureac

The Training Process of Civil Servants Employees in Ministry of Economic Development in Kosovo: Effect of Training through the Prism of Participants and Interpretation of Employee Questionnaire Survey PDF
Florina Mehaj-Kosumi

Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics

Issues Regarding the Conducting of the Euro Area Monetary Policy During the European Debt Crisis PDF
Adina O Criste

Saving Euro by dividing Europe in multiple OCA’s PDF
Dimitrios K. Dapontas

Mathematical and Quantative Methods

The reduction of quadratic forms to the normal form with applications for production functions PDF
Catalin Angelo Ioan, Gina Ioan

How to Improve the SPF Forecasts? PDF
Bratu (Simionescu) Mihaela

On homogeneous functions PDF
Catalin Angelo Ioan

Financial, Public and Regional Economics

Strategic management of transport infrastructure development in Albania PDF
Fioralba Vela

The Impact of the Bioeconomy on the Economic Development under the Global Crisis PDF
Romeo-Victor Ionescu

Treasury Bond Market Segment at Bucharest Stock Exchange PDF
Georgescu Maria Andrada, Pop Cornelia

Redefining Project Management Information Systems with New IT Services PDF
Luminita Hurbean

EU Regional and Cohesion Policy. Analysis 2007-2013 vs. 2014-2020 PDF
Elena Daniela Onica