Vol 9, No 4 (2013)

Special issue dedicated to the International Conference on
Regional Development between Recent Experiences and Future Challenges

Table of Contents

Spatial Distributions of Regional Economic Activity

Innovation Cluster and Economic Development in Bucharest Ilfov Region PDF
Ana Cristina Adumitroaei, Claudia Ionescu, Simona Curpan

Sustainable Development of Spa Tourism in the Romanian West Development Region PDF
Cipriana Sava

Effectiveness of the Use and Management of Municipal Real Property in Bulgaria PDF
Statty Stattev, Stela Raleva, Tatyana Daskalova

Creative Industry a Pattern for Growth in Bucharest Ilfov Region PDF
Ana Cristina Adumitroaei, Simona Curpan

The Management of Environmental Resources and its Regional Implications PDF
Claudia Elena Paicu, Diana Andreia Hristache, Nilghiun Ismail

Initiative and Innovation in Tourism, Discussion on their Applicability in the Context of Sustainable Tourism in Delta Destinations PDF
Gabriela Nicoleta Diaconescu

Tourism and Cultural Heritage: Sector Priorities of Regional Development Policy within Bucharest-Ilfov Region PDF
Claudia Ionescu, Simona Curpan, Ana Cristina Adumitroaei

Infrastructure Investments: Need for a Higher Territorial Cohesion in Bucharest-Ilfov Region PDF
Claudia Ionescu, Simona Curpan

Clusters - Territorial Networks. Where to? PDF
Luiza Nicoleta Radu

Comparative Study of Sustainable Development Indicators in CEE Countries (2000 – 2010) PDF
Mara Ursache

Innovative Clusters in Times of Economic Crisis. Case Study Romania PDF
Carmen Beatrice Păuna

Comparison between the Juridical Regime of the Debt Instruments: Bill of Exchange, Promissory Note and Cheque PDF
Silvia Cristea

What are the Investments Opportunities in the European Capital Regions? PDF
Claudia Ionescu, Wiolleta Wereda

The Impact of Uniform Prudential Regulations Implemented at the Level of European Insurance Industry PDF
Laura Elly Naghi

Economic and Social Cohesion in the South-East of Romania PDF
Dorel Ailenei, Amalia Cristescu

Financial, Public and Regional Economics

Comparative Study on the Competitiveness of Romanian and Bulgarian Tourism Industry PDF
Adina Berbeniciuc-Mititiuc

Economic Growth and European Funds Absorption in Central and Eastern European Countries PDF
Mihaela Neculita, Daniela Ancuta Sarp, Liliana Mihaela Moga, Valentin Neculita

Estimated Impact of the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 in Romania PDF
Daniela Antonescu

Regional Determinants of Small Business Survival during the Crisis in Romania PDF
Anca Dachin, Alexandru Rusei

A Comparative Study on Changes in the Spatial Industry Agglomeration in Eastern EU Developing Countries: Romania vs. Bulgaria PDF
Mădălina-Ștefania Dîrzu, Gabriela Carmen Pascariu

Is Industrial Districts Logistics suitable for Industrial Parks? PDF
Fabio Musso

Analyzing E-Government Development in Albania. Problems and Conditions PDF
Fioralba Vela, Luciana Koprencka, Migena Petanaj, Lorena Cakeri

Changes in Global Economy Influencing the Maritime Industry PDF
Grama Izabella Gilda

Employment and Regional Inequality in Romania PDF
Laura Patache

Partnership and Cooperation Models in Cross-Border Areas PDF
Marcela Slusarciuc

Romania’s Regional Policy between the Current Realities and the Challenges of the 2014-2020 Programme Period PDF
Daniela-Luminita Constantin

The Situation of Investment Projects for Modernization of Agricultural Holdings in Moldova Before and After Romania’s Accession to the European Union PDF
Alina-Mirela Marcu

Pan-Kazakh Centrism and the Construction of a Regional Axis in the ‘Innovated’ Asia PDF
Pierre Chabal

The International Migration in the EU. A Descriptive Analysis Focused on Romania PDF
Raluca Mariana Grosu, Daniela Luminiţa Constantin

EU’s Enlargement vs Global Crisis PDF
Victor Romeo Ionescu

Evaluating Methodology of Community Regional Funds PDF
Daniela Antonescu

Universities, Entrepreneurship and Regional Networks Chances for a Welfare PDF
Claudia Ionescu

Transfer Pricing and FDI PDF
Patricia-Sabina Macelaru

Analysis of Regional Disparities in the Development of Human Settlements in Vâlcea County PDF
Raluca-Mirela Antonescu

Ensuring Security of Supply of Natural Gas in the European Union’s Common Energy Policy PDF
Andrei Teofil Postolachi

Valuation Bases and Accounting System Entries in Financial Analysis of the Municipal Real Property PDF
Daniela Feschiyan, Stela Raleva

A System of Indicators for Financial Analysis of the Municipal Real Property PDF
Daniela Feschiyan

Regions and the Territorial Cohesion PDF
Ioan Ianos, Irina Saghin, Gabriel Pascariu

The Indicators’ Inadequacy and the Predictions’ Accuracy PDF
Constantin Mitruț, Mihaela Bratu (Simionescu)

Opportunities, Challenges and Results of the Regionalization Process in the Romanian Water Sector PDF
Erika Marin

Regional Development Disparities In Europe PDF
Liliana - Craciun

Is there an Amazing Way to Deal with the Crisis of EU Integration? PDF
Gabriela Marchis