Vol 10, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents

Business Administration and Business Economics

Optimising sales by using econometric models combined with Business Intelligence solutions PDF
Luminita Serbanescu, Consuela Necsulescu

Reasons Why It Is Beneficial to Invest in Republic of Kosovo PDF HTML
Nakije Myftar Kida

Factors Effecting Corporate Cash Holding of Non-Financial Firms in Pakistan PDF HTML
Atif Kafayat, Khalil Ur Rehman, M. Farooq

Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Banks: Evidence from Nigeria PDF HTML
Samson Ogege, Tarila Boloupremo

Accounting and Auditing

Nexus between Returns in Commodity Market and Equity Market: A Case of Indian Steel Industry PDF HTML
Laila Amir Memdani, Prof. Rajya lakshmi Kandukuri

Activity Based Costing and Product Pricing Decision: the Nigerian Case PDF HTML
Ebipanipre Gabriel Mieseigha

Tourism and Sustainable Development

Measures Concerning Sustainable Consumption in Hotels PDF HTML
Stefanica Mirela, Mioara Borza

Sustainable Strategies for Destination Management PDF HTML
Ruhet Genc

Financial, Public and Regional Economics

Local Decentralisation and Economic Growth in Nigeria PDF HTML
Hammed Adetola Adefeso

Analysis of the Structure Ratios of the Funding Sources PDF HTML
Maria Daniela Bondoc

Financial intermediaries and economic growth: The Nigerian evidence PDF HTML
Oba Efayena

Exchange rate and trade: J-curve in European Union PDF HTML
Dan Lupu, Mircea Asandului


Entrepreneurial Call for Strategic Agility in Fast-Paced Business Environment PDF HTML
Arslan Ayub, Farah Arzu, Hanan Iftekhar, Sabiha Hafeez

International Economics

The Role of Urban Financial Centers within the Economy of Global Cities PDF HTML
Oana Mionel, Viorel Mionel, Cristina Mihăescu