Vol 11, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents

Business Administration and Business Economics

Empirical Investigation into the Determinants of Compliance with IFRS 7 Disclosure Requirements PDF HTML
Atanasko Atanasovski

The Long-Run Relationship between Foreign Reserves Inflows and Domestic Credit: Evidence from a Small Open Economy PDF HTML
Bernhard Ozofere Ishioro

Enhancement Approach in Well & Illness Tourism PDF HTML
Ruhet Genc

The Economic Crisis and the Solidarity of Social Insurance Systems PDF HTML
Domnica Doina Parcalabu

Approaches to Bioeconomic Modelling in Correlation with Consumer Model and Biodiversity Indicators PDF HTML
Iudith Ipate

Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics

Financial stability, target inflation as a monetary rule and concepts of money policy: Implications for the optimal analysis PDF HTML
Mohsen B. Brahmi, Sonia Zouari

Impact of Major Economic Variables on Economic Growth of Pakistan PDF HTML
Muhammad Waqas Chughtai, Muhammad Waqas Malik, Dr. Rashid Aftab

Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth

The Impact on Continental and Economic Issues of Russia’s Military Stance on Crimea and Eastern Ukraine PDF HTML
Romeo-Victor Ionescu, Pierre Chabal

The Evolution of Urban Green Areas In Romania During 2002-2013 PDF HTML
Iulian Sorcaru

Social Development – Requirement and Consequence of the Evolution of Society PDF HTML
Irina Elena Gentimir

The impact of innovation on the national and regional competitiveness within the European Union PDF HTML
Alina Elena Iosif

Social Media: Opening New Doors for the Domestic Tourism Industry in Albania PDF HTML
Vjollca Hysi, Klodiana Gorica, Sokol Luzi


Moldova’s race against time to adhering to the European Union PDF HTML
Romeo-Victor Ionescu

A New Approach to Utility Function PDF HTML
Catalin Angelo Ioan

Contribution of Financial development in electricity-growth nexus in Pakistan PDF HTML
Adnan Rashid

A conjecture concerning prime numbers PDF HTML
Catalin Angelo Ioan, Alin Cristian Ioan

New Institutional Economics and Economic Development of the Republic of Kosovo PDF HTML
Mejdi Bektashi, Artor Nuhiu

The strategic choices of small medium-sized enterprises integration: evidence from specific economic territory PDF HTML
Brahmi Mohsen, Adala Laadjal

Empirical Study on Accounting and Tax Differences in the Case of an Economic Entity PDF HTML
Valeriu Laurenţiu Onose, Ecaterina Necsulescu