Vol 11, No 6 (2015)

Table of Contents

Business Administration and Business Economics

The Impact of Corporate Branding Dimensions on Firm Performance: Evidence from the Zimbabwean Petroleum Industry PDF HTML
Maxwell Sandada, Henry Finch

Promotional Strategy Impacts on Organisational Market Share and Profitability PDF HTML
Adesoga Dada Adefulu

Adequacy of Pay Structure and Its Impact on Personal Outcomes PDF HTML
Siti Salwa Salim, Azman Ismail

Current approaches to land evaluation in evaluation work PDF HTML
Cristina Mihaela Onica, Carmen Mihaela Cretu, Florentina Moisescu, Nicoleta Constandache

Financial Institutions and Services

Volatility of stock markets (An analysis of South Asian and G8 countries) PDF HTML
Muhammad Mansoor Baig, waheed Aslam, Muhammad Bilal

A Comparison of Financial Performance of Domestic and Foreign banks in Kosovo by Using DuPont Model PDF HTML
Driton Balaj

Financial Analysis Of The Financial Institutions Sector In Kosovo PDF HTML
Vlora Prenaj, Hysen Ismajli, Iliriana Miftari, Besnik Livoreka

The Analysis of the Situation of Foreign Direct Investments in Romania PDF HTML
Camelia Milea, Florin Balasescu

Accounting and Auditing

Currency Crisis Revisited: A Literature Review PDF HTML
Teuta Ismaili Muharremi

The Effect of SAK ETAP Implementation to the Use of Accounting Information at SMEs in Banyumas Region, Central Java, Indonesia PDF HTML
Negina Kencono Putri, Atiek Sri Purwati, Irianing Suparlinah

Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth

Bivariate Cointegration Analysis of Energy-Economy Interactions in Iran PDF HTML
Ismail Oladimeji Soile

Commercial Activity or Banking Competition? PDF HTML
Rose-Marie Puscaciu

The Exploitation of Tourism Resources in Braila City, Port on the Danube River PDF HTML
Anca Gabriela Turtureanu