Vol 4, No 1 (2008)

Table of Contents


National Standards in the Quality Infrastructure and their Harmonization with the European Standards PDF
Stefan Dragomir, Georgeta Dragomir

British Council Project in Romania the South-East European Network of Creative Cities PDF
Victor Romeo Ionescu

Theoretical Ground over the Cobweb Model PDF
Florin Dan Puşcaciu

New Methods in Mathematical Management of Organization PDF
Ciprian Ioan, Catalin Angelo Ioan, Alin Ioan

Knowledge Economy – the Economy of the Future PDF
Emanoil Muscalu, Ramona Todericiu

The Choice of Optimal Decisions in Uncertin Situations PDF
Catalin Angelo Ioan

Romanian Tourism Facing Labour Shortage PDF
Cristina Şimon, Dan Popescu, Iulia Chivu

Features of European Tourism PDF
Anca Turtureanu

Types and Forms of Tourism PDF
Cornelia Elena Tureac, Anca Turtureanu

Transport Costs and their Impact on Trading through Simulations in a Specified Dornbruch-Fischer -Samuelson Model-1977 PDF
Viorica Puşcaciu

Agro tourism, One of the Main Factors in Rural Development PDF
Aurica Grigore, George Ungureanu

Earning Power Analysis on The Basis of the Intermediary Balances of Administration PDF
Neculina Chebac, Carmen Creţu

L’intégration Monétaire de la Roumanie entre Coûts et Bénéfices PDF
Lucian Belaşcu, Lia Baltador

The Financial Instruments for Risk Management on the International Financial Markets PDF
Alina Hagiu

The International Government Bond Market PDF
Alina Hagiu

A Condition for a Sasakian Manifold to Be of Constant Curvature PDF
Alin Cristian Ioan, Catalin Angelo Ioan

The Income of Meat Products in Galati County PDF
Aurica Grigore, Cornelia Tureac