New Trends in Psychology, Vol 2, No 1 (2020)

Psychotherapeutic Approach in Oncological Somatizations

Cristina Lupu


Treating, with predilection, the problem of the oncological diseases, which take over boththe physical and the psychological side, in a marked way, meant to cause significant dislocations in thehuman existence, the proposed article thoroughly clarifies the sufferings of the mind, transposedthrough a wide process, in physiological form, the somatic pathology being in a continuous process ofintertwining with the psychological pathology, resulting in a broad clinical polymorphism, translatedinto oncological conditions. In this way, a psychotherapeutic approach, with a regulatory role, isnecessary, gradually pursuing the causes of a psychosomatic nature, which gradually establishes thedisease, the intervention of psycho-oncology having an indispensable character, adopting a series ofprocedures at different stages. of the condition, the importance of collaboration with the treatingphysician, the confrontation with the grim diagnosis, the role of the family in the psychologicalapproach and the compliance with the treatment completing the clinical picture.


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