New Trends in Psychology, Vol 2, No 1 (2020)

Behavior and Attitudes of Parents with Children Diagnosed with Autism

Alexandra Simion, Susanu Neaga


Autism is a developmental disorder, considered by researchers to be one of the mostwidespread and serious neuropsychiatric disorders of childhood, with the most implications in allspheres of development. The sooner the parents discover the condition and accept it as part of their newlife, the more likely the child is to recover. Each parent wants a peaceful, successful life for his child,and the autistic child appears to be trapped in a trap of isolation, of incapacity, in which the probabilityof any success is almost nil. The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder affects each family memberdifferently. Parents need to focus all their attention on helping the child with autism, which can bestressful and can affect marriage, other couple’s children, work, savings, interpersonal relationships andresponsibilities.


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