Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 4, No 2 (2014)

Ancient Danube Lowland in the Postmodernism Mirror (by K. Ransmayr novel “The Last World”)

Tetyana Shevchuk


The article deals with the postmodern interpretation of the world known story of Ovidius exile in Tomis (Constanţa), presented in the novel of contemporary Austrian writer Christoph Ransmayr "The Last World" (1988). Based on the descriptions of ancient Danube Lowland, composed by Ovidius, the author invites the reader to the surreal world. Phantasmagoric basis of the fiction involves mixing times (past, present and future), the introduction to the subject outline the mythological characters from "Metamorphoses" by Ovidius. The writer makes an attempt to understand the myth through profound layers of aesthetic, cultural and geopolitical metamorphosis of the twentieth century, the problem of relations between East and West, the establishment of totalitarian regimes, etc. A large panorama of life and culture sketches of ancient Lower Danube inhabitants gives an idea of the timeless nature of human values and aspirations.


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