Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 4, No 2 (2014)

The English Language as a Mediator of the Intercultural Dialogue within Danube Space

Denitsa Yordanova


Objectives The paper explores the importance of the English language in the process of cooperation between the countries in the Danube region and outlines the value of the knowledge for the different cultures and the variety of languages that are spoken in this region. Prior Work: Study of contemporary linguistic and cultural borrowings in Bulgaria, Russia and the USA. Approach: Comparative analysis based on survey results. Results: The results of the survey show the people’s opinion on the value of the English language as a tool for solving the communication problems stemming from the different languages that are spoken in the Danube region. The results also show how people perceive this region and what issues are considered as important for its development. Implications: The results can serve as a starting point of a large-scale study on the linguistic and cultural diversity within the Danube region. Value: This paper interprets the impact of the English language in the process of achieving mutual knowledge about the cultures of the ten countries that are situated along the Danube river.


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