Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 5, No 1 (2015)

Analysis of the Evolution for the Main Economic and Financial Indicators and the Risk of Bankruptcy for a Company who is the most Modern Maritime - River Port on the Danube, in the Period 2009-2013

Rodica Pripoaie


This work presents the evolution for the main economic and financial indicators and the risk
of bankruptcy for a company who is the most modern maritime - river port on the Danube, in the period
2009-2013. The evolution of the main economic and financial indicators in the last years 2009-2013 is
very dramatic, because Net profit margin (%) decreased from 65.76% in 2009 at 9.93% in 2013 and
after tax ROE (Return on Equity) decreased from 6.69% in 2009 at 2.93% in 2013, so less than half.
Bankruptcy risk has always been very important both for investors, for company managers, and for
banking institutions and if this intensifies then it becomes a warning for them. Regression models can
be used to explain relationships among economic and financial indicators.


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