Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 5, No 1 (2015)

Peculiarities of the Danube Business Environment in the Context of the Sustainable Development

Viorica Pușcaciu, Rose-Marie Pușcaciu


The aim of our study intends to be a link between the “green economy” and the “blue
economy”, and the objective of it is to analyze the Danube economy in the context of the environment
preserving. As the prior works deserve generous space to research regarding the sustainable
development concept and experiences and others deal with the Danube problems, our approach tries to
build on a link between these two fields of research, and understanding all these problems linked to the
Romanian area and trying to find out what are the problems in this sense for our country. The method
of research used for our survey is a qualitative one, survey and observation being our tools for
fulfillment this approach. The key results and conclusions from this empirical study is that any reader
of it could find out how the Danube business environment tries to circumscribe it into the sustainable
development percepts. This study could be useful to researchers, administrations, ports authorities, and
people interested in this field. The key contribution of this paper might be the interdisciplinary approach
of this matter and thus the hope of its originality


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