Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 5, No 1 (2015)

Economic and Juridical Aspects of the Oil Transport with VLCC Ships

Florin-Dan Pușcaciu, Viorica Pușcaciu, Florentina Pușcă, Rose-Marie Pușcaciu


Through this paper we propose to address some issues related to maritime transport of oil by
large ships. As well known oil represents an important energy source for both production and
consumption for the household. Its importance has generated military conflicts and also the "shock",
though did not lead to loss of life deeply affected the world economy and ultimately the welfare of the
inhabitants of the planet. The high asymmetry of the sources of supply to those of the consumer involves
the transport of oil that although it may seem like a simple activity is complementary, in reality
constituted a very active area involved in the marketing of transport services market recorded a transport
offer rigid, and his reaction is one with a delayed effect, due to a relative period required large
construction vessels. In this context we achieve a short-term forecast of the evolution of spot rates for
VLCC vessels. The work is within the scope of Econometric research including fundamental works of
Tinbergen and Koopmans. The methods used are both quantitative and quantitative methods. As
required any software we chose one free econometric namely an approach. Among Gretl the
interdisciplinary work we believe the theme addresses a varied group of theorists and practitioners
imply in the interdisciplinary approach field and modern econometric analysis tools we consider that
adds theoretical clarification.


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