Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 9, No 1 (2019)

Technological Approach to the Health of Young Children as the Basis of the Educational Paradigm

Victoria Zvyekova


The article reveals the concept of "health-saving technologies", analyses the ways of forming a healthy lifestyle of younger students. At the beginning of the third Millennium, the pedagogical problem of children's health is global, especially for children with disabilities. Unfortunately, annual medical examinations of students of secondary schools indicate a persistent deterioration in the health of the population of Ukraine, which is a risk factor for the future of the state as a whole. In this regard, the formation of health should occur in the years of intensive development of students, which falls on the period of schooling.The study of philosophical, psychological, scientific and pedagogical works indicates the existence of differences in the views of scientists and practitioners regarding the understanding and application of the concept of child health. 


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