Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 8, No 1 (2018)

The Evolution of the Juridical Context of the Danube River Protection

Valentina Cornea, Mirela Paula Costache


The present paper analyses the determinants of the evolution of the juridical andadministrative-institutional context of the Danube River protection. The continental conception and theutilitarian approach regarding the issue of the environmental protection are used as a methodologicalguiding mark for the analysis of the legal context. The evolution of the legal context in Romania isstrongly influenced by the evolutions of the international regulations on the matter, as well as by thesocial-economical context of the country. In the Notes that underlie the normative acts that regard theDanube River and the Danubian territory and within the content of the normative acts the establishingof interdependent connections between the economic and social development and the protection of theDanube River can be noticed. The general conceptions expressed by the national legislation haveevolved from a utilitarian approach to a holistic one, but its application is generally a challenge causedby the lack of planning, of coordination, and of an adequate mode of funding.


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