Vol 8, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

Danubian Economy and Legislation

The Economic Quantification of the Ecologic Services of Forest Ecosystems PDF HTML
Anca Turtureanu, Codruța Mihaela Dobrescu, Leonard Magdalin Dorobăț

The Conservation of Romania’s Biodiversity, a Fundamental Condition for the Sustainable Development PDF HTML
Anca Turtureanu, Leonard Magdalin Dorobăț, Codruța Mihaela Dobrescu

Studies about Economy of Energy Obtained Using Sea Waves Forces PDF HTML
Stefan Dragomir, Georgeta Dragomir

Economic Strategy to Maximize the Potential of Renewable Sources of Energy PDF HTML
Stefan Dragomir, Georgeta Dragomir

Aspects of Criminal Procedural Law Related to Trafficking in Persons PDF HTML
Iuliana Niculescu

Ways to Cease the Presence of Aliens on the Territory of a State PDF HTML
Loredana Pirvu

The Evolution of the Juridical Context of the Danube River Protection PDF HTML
Valentina Cornea, Mirela Paula Costache

The Legality and Opportunity of Administrative Acts of Local Public Authorities PDF HTML
Natalia Saitarli

Agriculture of Southern Steppe of Ukraine: Historical Way of Development and Reality PDF HTML
Stanislav Goloborodko

Moral Relevance of the Norm PDF HTML
Paul Popa

Passenger perception towards low cost carriers; Case of Pristina, Skopje and Tirana Airport PDF HTML
Lorik Abdullahu

Politics of enforcing a “multi-ethnic” society in Kosovo-A brief history of constitutional development and state building in Kosovo PDF HTML
Xhafer Tahiri

Factors Influencing Airport Selection case of: Prishtina, Skopje and Tirana Airport PDF HTML
Lorik Abdullahu

Examining the Strategic Framework of Romania’s Educational Infrastructure from the Perspective of European Integration PDF HTML
Gabriela Marchis

The Constitutional Right to Private Property Reflected in the Current Romanian Civil Law PDF HTML
Neculai Lungeanu

Social Responsibility and the Management of a Company PDF HTML
Manuela Panaitescu

Regional Accounting and Regional Development PDF HTML
Romeo Victor Ionescu

Natural Protected Areas of the Danube PDF HTML
Constantin Tanase

Non Loyal Representation and Assistance – a New Incrimination in the Romanian Law PDF HTML
Ion Rusu

Facilitating the Escape in the Romanian Law PDF HTML
Ioana Rusu

The Escape in the Romanian Law PDF HTML
Bogdan Birzu

Management of Complex Operations for Prevention and Management of Emergency Situations PDF HTML
Adelina Petronela Renea

International Environmental Security PDF
Cristina Ceban