Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 12, No 2 (2018)

Strategic Organizational Communication.The Concept of Strategy - A Literature Review.

Roxana Şeitan


The strategic communication field of study comprises two complex and multifaceted concepts: “strategy” and “communication”. The objective of this article is to review the literature written about the concept of strategy. In this regard, I observed that, starting from the connexion between strategy and army, the studied authors (Pace, 1983; Dolphin, 1999; Mintzberg, Ghoshal, Lampel, and Quinn, 2003; Cornelissen, 2004; Moss, 2005; Hallahan, 2005; Gillis, 2006; Hallahan, Holtzhausen, van Ruler, Vercic, Sriramesh, 2007; Paul, 2011; Nothhaft and Schölzel, 2015) are talking about the concept of strategy in relation with the mission, the vision, the objectives and goals of the organization as well as in relation with the organizational plans, ploys, patterns, positions, perspectives and tactics. A good comprehension regarding the strategy concept supports the organizations’ members in creating and upholding superior identities, images and reputations for their companies and businesses. 


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