Vol 12, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

Organizational Communication

Women from IT domain in Romania PDF HTML
Luminita Iosif, Cătălina Andreea Huzum

Mastering Of English Writing Skill By Students Of Upper Secondary Schools In Kosovo PDF HTML
Sadete Ternava Osmani, Aurorë Osmani

Communication experiences in business organizations (Business Organizations in Kosovo) PDF HTML
Gazmend Abrashi

Strategic Organizational Communication.The Concept of Strategy - A Literature Review. PDF HTML
Roxana Şeitan

Romania’s Economic Securing through the Development of Channels of Economic and Military Cooperation with the Arab Countries PDF HTML
Angela Mihaela Ene

The Role of Language in Building Characters in Caragiale’s Comedies PDF HTML
Mirela Curca

Writing about feelings and develop the communication competences in a different cultural space PDF HTML
Carmen Alexandrache

Values of Academic Autonomy and Integrity PDF HTML
Mirela Arsith, Daniela Aurelia Popa Tanase

Media Communication

Creating a television culture in post-conflict Kosovo: From a balanced public forum to politicization and commercialization PDF HTML
Remzie Shahini-Hoxhaj

Albanian religious media in Kosovo and national identity PDF HTML
Rexhep Suma

Review of literature for internet marketing and social media in tourism PDF HTML
Behrije Ramaj, Fatos Ukaj

Foreign Aid as Globalization and Induced Investigative Journalism Practice in Nigeria PDF HTML
Joseph Obasanjo Oyedele, Mutiu Iyanda Lasisi

The Importance on Communication in Project Management Strategy PDF
Ionel Sergiu Pirju

On Prostitution and Prostitutes in the 19th and 20th Centuries Newspapers. A Romanian View PDF
Fanel Teodorascu