Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 12, No 2 (2018)

Romania’s Economic Securing through the Development of Channels of Economic and Military Cooperation with the Arab Countries

Angela Mihaela Ene


In a European Union that is now configured in a solid construction, in several respects, however, the member countries have a different evolution and development, with a long-term prognosis which is also different. What represents an advantage for Romania over the other EU member states in its relationship with the Arab countries is the history of the long-standing bilateral relations with the Arab world. The fact that Romania's relations with the Arab countries have slowed down in terms of trade does not mean that they have stopped. Through this theme, we propose a perspective for the development of these relations, which at this moment must be approached from a completely different perspective.

      Romania can ensure a tremendously large market, a market to generate a more than necessary cash-flow, in a vision of sustainable economic development. This economic, surprising pragmatism lies in a criterion that primarily concerns the culture and spirituality of the Arab world, the Arab world's motivation in choosing its business partners. Below we will describe our vision of this mechanism of development and cooperation between Romania, a member of the European Union, on one hand, and the Arab countries, on the other hand.


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