Acta Universitatis Danubius. Juridica, Vol 14, No 2 (2018)

The Concept Of Public Services In The State Of The Law

Fejzulla Berisha


At the beginning of its development, public service’s object of regulation was the social issue, which was very present. In this period, public service included mutual aid of poor people, providing their food and placement. But later, social protection was set at the level of health care. For this reason it was even considered that the genuine public service is the service of public health care. Because of this it experienced a conceptual rebirth, meaning the creation of a larger number of public services that have fulfilled population’s needs as well. The state and collectivity have defined the objective and social interests, but in all cases, the services were done by social collectivities. Many other functions, not only social, were transformed like this in public rights that were realized through public services. Despite this the continuity in action is also required, meaning that the general interest should always be protected with public services activities.


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