Vol 13, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Public Law

Whistleblowing – a Mechanism for Collecting Data on Non-Compliance with the Principles of Administrative Law in Order to Mitigate Risks PDF HTML
Balan Emil, Iulia Cospanaru

Short Legal Study on “British Exit” PDF HTML
Radu Stancu, Andy Corneliu Pusca

The Legal Procedure for Solving Complaints Filed under the Depositions of Law No. 101/2016 PDF HTML
Vasilica Negrut

Rule of Law. Peculiarities of Kosovo System PDF HTML
Iliriana Islami

Evolving International Practices for Protection of Human Rights- the UN Human Rights Advisory Panel and EU Human Rights Review Panel PDF HTML
Remzije Istrefi

The Legal Framework for harmonization of Value Added Tax (VAT) in European Union PDF HTML
Bedri Peci, Fitore Morina

The advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on Kosovo's declaration of independence PDF HTML
Besnik Murati

A review of sources on terrorist financing PDF HTML
Arbana Sahiti, Muhamet Aliu, Arben Sahiti, Mejdi Bektashi

Criminological Overview of Criminal Acts Against the Economy in Kosovo During the Time Period 2001-2010 PDF HTML
Miftar Shala

The Right to Appeal as a Fundamental Right under International Acts and Jurisprudence, with Special Emphasis on Criminal Procedure PDF HTML
Vilard Bytyqi

Trend of Terrorism in Republic of Kosovo PDF HTML
Fatos Haziri, Enver Buçaj

The Need for Regulation of Cyber Terrorism Phenomena in Line With Principles of International Criminal Law PDF HTML
Enver Buçaj

The ‘Best Interests of the Child’ as a Factor in Allowing Foreigners with Criminal Records to enter Canada and in Staying the Deportation of Foreign National Offenders from Canada PDF HTML
Jamil D. Mujuzi

Private Law

Revisiting Conveyancing risks under the Legal Regime for Land Registration in Nigeria: A Case for Title Insurance PDF HTML
AKAAYAR Simon Viashima

Towards the Effectiveness of a Labour Court: Nigerian Experience PDF HTML
Emuobo Emudainohwo